Laminate & Edge Banding

Our laminates are a great way to start a new project due to its versatility and durability. Its dense properties makes it resistant to scratch, water, stain, mildew, heat, chemical, light and impact. It is durable for frequent cleaning and reliable for use for long term applications. The sheets are made in 4'x8' long sheets making it ideal for use for large coverage areas to create a continuous and seamless finish. High pressure laminates outperforms traditional veneers and laminates in quality and ease of installation which is why they are a preferred choice for professionals and non-professionals. Edge banding is a supplemental to high pressure laminates. It is used for edges for perfect finish and professional look. It can be used for flat or curved edges to mimic the contemporary look of traditional wood and boards.
- Kitchen Cabinets
- Decorative wall Panels
- Tables
- Drawers
- Furniture
- Doors
- Shelves
- Floors
- Walls
- Ceilings
- Bathroom Patrons
- Office Cubicles
- Exterior panels
- Other DIY Projects